May 8, 2010

Hi is getting it wrong, again

A new debate has started in hockey about seniors should be left out of the team and juniors should be given more chance to play. This is a great move by HI but I do not see it as a success. Gone are the days when we only rely on strikers, the game has changed drastically. The teams don't even play 5-3-2 formation anymore. The game is more depended on midfield than the strikers. There are more midfielders than strikers in the team. So the blame we have been putting on the strikers (read: Prabhjot and Deepak) is unwanted. If we have any statistics we can find out that except World Cup Praphjot's form was really great for the whole year. You cannot leave the player just like that. They are the most experienced players of the team, it is not possible to win games against teams like Korea or Australia. There should be a correct blend or young players and senior players, which the selectors don't think.
We know that one day the seniors will be phased out of the team. They have a maximum to 2 years with them. Use those two years well. Players like Prabhjot and Deepak, are one of the best players India has ever produced, but we should also use their experience to train youngsters.
There experience is a great asset to the team, remember those days, when all these people were young and they could not hold their nerves in final minutes of the game and always conceded a goal. This should not happen again now
Please form a correct blend. We drew with China, won against inexperienced side of Pakistan, but the next games are really tough. It would be nothing less than a miracle if we win these games ahead. Teams like Australia, Germany, Korea have a system of hockey, we don't have that.
I hope HI understands the importance of the seniors and forms a system for on the job training for juniors


  1. i think selector did right thing by removing Parbhjot and Deepak from Team..there perofrmance was below they need time to get in there original rythem .DEEPAK never like past ..after his injury. i beilve.but yes i beilve we must have included DIWAKAR RAM for the onlgoing tournament. it would be great experience for him before CWG.

  2. I wanted to ask this.. Isn't Viren Rasquinha with the Federation now? This would actually be a great move if the former players (of this generation) be a part of HI...They would be able to understand the situations more better than those who havent even held a stick and been on the turf.

  3. @Anil- Bro just one tournament does not tell a player has it or not. Deepak Thakur was injured and still he played that tournament. Its not his fault, unless u recover from an injury, u cannot play well. On the other hand Prabhjot Singh had a great year, his performance was excellent in all the tournaments before the World Cup. You cannot make any one scapegoat. These are just my views on the players

  4. @Mori- Viren Rasquina is not with the HI. He has joined a company called Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ). I will write about this company in my blog soon

  5. Jimmy brother ..i m not against PRABHJOT.i just want he shud take rest and prepare a goal for him. he will be eager to comback soon with good performance so it's good for the team

  6. Anil bhai, its nothing like love for any player, I too want young people in the team, but not at the expense of performance