May 7, 2010

From Bad to Worse

Another great news coming in from the management part of HI (come on losers, get a life now at-least). After every game, the chief coach has to go for a mandatory press meet, so Coach Brasa was to go and talk to the media. But thanks to great people at the helm, whose lust for power will kill hockey soon, did not allow him to go. The team's media manager told that there has been a gag on the coach to speak against all this. This news tells about the sick mind that our association members have. 31st May is near and I seriously hope that these people(want to hurl abuses to them at this time) are thrown out of HI. Its better we have a presidents rule in Hockey, if there is any.

A coach does not have any right to say anything, then why the heck did you get a coach and that also a foreign coach. You are using tax payers money to pay him. Its better that HI keeps some puppet so that he will be speaking what is he asked too. And for a tip to future coaches. buy yourself some duct tape because you won't be allowed to speak you mind.

Each and everyday a new joke is played on hockey. Hey Raj Thakeray please do us a favor this time. Please go for hockey this time. Unless and until there is no news about it, nothing can happen. There is a saying in hindi, "sab chudyan pehen ke baithe hai". Day in and day out, I hear news like this. What do these guys think they ae. What have they done for the country. There might be some who might have won us World Cup or even Olympics. but what have they done after that, nothing.
Am sick of writing this post..
If any one else wants to continue, they can, its open for all

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  1. The reason why Coach Brasa was brought into the frame was to show the people that the Federation was actually doing something for hockey. He actually is a puppet. Just a Foreign one so that the people feel content that the Federation has done everything in its power to uplift the game. When asked.. It can say that.. "We gave you a foreign coach... Its the Players who aren't performing"