May 5, 2010

Chak De Women's team

Congrats to Indian women team, the reason-they have made it to the world cup being organized this year from August 29 to September 11 in Argentina. Last time it was not good, being 11th out of possible 12 places in the tournament. But this year we have to be extra cautious, because this time we are in a tough group which has Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.
The participants were allocated into two pools of six teams each based upon the latest ABN AMRO World Rankings.

The teams ranked first and second of each pool after the single round robin preliminary phase will proceed to the semifinals.
The pools:

Pool A: The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, India.

Pool B: Argentina, China, Spain, England, South Korea, South Africa.
I hope this year the country plays better, scores more goals, defends well, and entertains the people, for whom hockey is a religion.
I feel every young kid when asked who are you and where are you from should say the words below....
Desh Hindustan
gaanv hockey, zila hockey, jaath hockey!!! Hockey ne hee sab kuch diya hai aur hockey ko dene kee koshish kee hai.


  1. COME AWWWWNNN....Hope women's team will do what men's team couldn't in the World Cup. May be a place in semis or better.. Who knows?

  2. i think women team have good potential under the coach of .M.K kausik..he is great coach no doubt abt that