May 6, 2010

Are we fighting for a lost cause?

Yesterday a friend visited my room and saw me writing a post for this blog. He asked me what crap are you writing, there are other things, better things to write, what is this bullshit hockey blog going to give you. There is no future in hockey, you are just wasting your time by writing crap. I could have fought with him that time, but I did not, half an hour later he left. And there i was sitting and thinking everything what he said. I was angry because he said things to my favorite game, and sad because he was right in his own accord. What has hockey given to us till today. I am 21 years old and have been watching hockey all these years of my life. There are many questions to be answered. The team sometimes behaves like clowns, the players play the whole game well, but the dying seconds are the one's I hate. We concede the goal in last minute, and all the happiness on the face fades away.
On the other hand we have these politicians who leave no stone unturned to ruin the game. It has been 2 years since the IHF was dissolved. We still cannot get a democratically elected body. What the heck are they doing? Players don't get paid, travel in train and have a meager amount to spend in the international tournaments. What do HI thinks the players are? Jokers is my answer, the entertain, they lose, they win, they cry and the federation gives them (read:throws) them some money. I am doing MBA today, I don't think that I will do a job which will pay me Rs. 25,000 pm. But these guys are doing it everyday.
And I respect the politicians who say India's national game is hockey. Do they even know that the team is playing a tournament right now. They fought and came out with a bill which says cricket should be shown on DD. Why the hell hockey cannot be shown, Come on isn't hockey the NATIONAL game our our country.
Sometimes I seriously think I am wasting my time out here, writing this blog, but I was a hockey player myself and think its my duty to do so. I can at-least help those poor fellows out there by writing something. I don't earn so that I can let go a part of my salary. But it is a promise, the day I start earning, I will spend a part of my salary for the betterment of hockey.
Dan O'Brien once said-The only way to succeed is to hang in. Even I'm starting to believe that and I will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Remember friends
Fame through National Game

The players have tried and cried a lot, please do not do that to them again and again. or there will be a day when people will know about hockey through history books. The game has been knocked down many times, but still it has stood up.
If there are any kids who are read this blog, some words of wisdom. Hockey is a tough game, if it was an easy one, they would have called it cricket


  1. scenario changed in today's game :Dlast minute me goal khaane ke bajae kiya aaj India ne....but coming to the serious note, hockey desperately needs some good consideration..or else we might see same even worse condition in future....:((

  2. Fantastic Blog JIMMY ..wel yes all this thoughts come in my mind as wel.but i can see things getting improve ..INDIAN TEAM need to win in CWG ...had INDIA shown good performance inn WC things would have been different i m sure..i still remember after win over Pakistan in WC on every channel there were hockey and even next day they were showing only INDIAN HOCKEY PLAYER playing holi..what i mean to say that things are still wel in our reach it's matter of performance...when everybody will tak about hockey only.

  3. one more that rush in mind some time which inspire me as wel.." when u fight for lost cause then only u will called Fighter nobody give credit for done work. evry body watching a game on tv because every channel shwoing only that thing so peopel follow that blindly and without putting any we doing that somthing in hwich we realy interested.

  4. Brave fighter is who has courage to fight for the lost cause. And you are the one, who has got few more shoulders to join you.Jimmy, this post was one of the best from you. I hope one day we will show your friend that the lost cause is no more lost.Good luck comrades

  5. This was never a lost cause. As Anil bhai said Indo-Pak match in WC was much talked about. These things are required to happen more frequently.