Apr 24, 2010

Thanks for showing concern

A 15 year old player of women team finally got a scholarship. Young player of the tournament winner in Champions Challenge tournament held in Russia last year got a sponsor of Rs. 4000 every month for the period of one year from Field Turf Tarkett India. She comes from a poor family with her father working as a cart puller in Haryana. She had also played a vital role in helping India to win silver medal in the Asia Cup last year. It is pity that the players who represent the national team are just ready to enter the contract for the sponsorship deal worth Rs. 4000 per month. I don't know what can be achieved from this money. Here is a link to an article in Times of India which shows the plight of the women hockey players. I am very thankful to Madhya Pradesh govt. who is sincere in doing some work which will benefit the players. The idea source behind this article is stick2hockey website's newspaper column.


  1. it's so disgusting ..i don't have any word to say..please let me know if we can help her ..?

  2. 4000 per month for a national hockey player..r we not making a mock to our national game..see in cricket peopel are ready to spent 50000 per night for IPL party and we people give only 4000 per month to a national player shame ..