Apr 6, 2010

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

With veterans like Prabhjot Singh and Deepak Thakur dropped from the list of probables its up to the youngsters to perform for the country. As such the performance of thee players was not not so good during the world cup. But still the experience counts. It is a good time to try new players on the block and see how they perform at the senior level. I hope to see some old faces like Gagan Ajit Singh back in the team. Wel that's a dream for me. Go And have fun out there players.....

1 comment:

  1. YES INDEED we all want to see GAGAN AJIT SIGH back in the team....i also would like to se JUGRAAJ...Bback as wel..in new young talent i don't know who is promising talent...but hope we get soon another DHANRAJ..