Apr 21, 2010

Plight of players

This is taken from an interview where Sandeep Singh tells about his plight when he was injured by the bullet. This is how the players get treated. And this is supposed to be our national game.

It looks you have some bad memories of the injury?
Certainly yes. We were then living in a rented house (Recently, I started building my own house). But that time I waited government to help me. All the monies with my elder brother (Bikramjit Singh, 2001 Jr. World Cup player) and with my family were spent on me. When I was in hospital, I don’t even know whether I will survive or not. But our house owner in Shahbad asked our family to vacate the house and we had to. I remember those days even now. I felt very bad. This country is so big but it did not offer me help when I needed it. I have not got injured on my personal trip, but when I was traveling to join the World Cup team. Even if a child falls in tube well pit, like in the case of Prince, everyone comes forward and extend support. Why did I not get anything? Why was I ignored? I can never forget those days in my life. Now because I have come back people talk about me, if not what would have happened to my career? I would have been finished.


  1. when this interview was taken....its really pity by reading this...well good work jimmy the great....

  2. this interview is atleast 2-3 years old

  3. but i still feel pitty to remember this ..shame on hi ,IHF and our current sports minister