Apr 17, 2010

Local Hockey League

The hockey association of Vadodara(Gujarat) have started a hockey league called Vadodara Hockey League on the lines of IPL (sad to hear about that, PHL or NBA was better), where they are going to auction the players, the franchises etc. The first stage of introduction is good. But what we need is not player auction and franchises but good astro turfs to play. Its time other district teams throughout the country also start doing the same thing. But instead of money to the players at-least provide better playing conditions to the players so that they can understand the difference between astro turfs and grass. Provide the players with the basic requirement of ground, then give them money instead of giving money and making them play on grass. There is a great difference between grass and astro turf, as a hockey player I understand that. Its time for the HI to understand it

1 comment:

  1. let's starte that ..atleast som activity going on for improve hockey..things will change as times goes..provide team play wel..