Apr 26, 2010


IHF and KPS Gill are going to conduct national tournament in June and July. The incompetence of HI which was made to help hockey have new started a new feud in Indian Hockey, who runs Indian Hockey, is it IHF or is it HI?
KPS Gill also made allegations to HI on mishandling of the funds. He said that," We spent Rs. 87 lakhs on Asia Cup in the year 2007 and HI has spent Rs. 15 crore on the World Cup which was organized in India.The former hockey chief alleged that the original budget for the event had been Rs1 crore but was raised with sponsorships including those from public sector undertakings and that commissions had been paid liberally for the same. IHF has asked for information on this from RTI but they express a serious doubt if they will provide the information or not.
KPS Gill even blamed Indian Olympic Association for changing its stance more than one time and even took a dig at FIH by saying that they had committed breach of trust. In the words of KPS GILL T"he FIH had signed a contract with the Indian Hockey Confederation (a body proposed by the IHF) for the World Cup which was terminated on June 30, 2008, without any reason and then we heard of their contract with the IOA.” With the date of election coming nearer the feud of Indian Hockey is getting deeper and deeper. Three camps are eying on the top spot.


  1. Does IHF still exist? I had no idea..But can't believe KPS Gill.

  2. I dont have much idea about IHF's existence but, whatever is happening in Indian Hockey is not good for the game.

  3. which all three camps u taking about jimmy ..?