Apr 23, 2010

HI does it again

The women tournament which is being organized by the Madhya Pradesh govt. wont consist of any national players as the players were not permitted to participate in the tournament. Petty politics and narrow mindedness of Hockey India, this time from those women who are in the HI set up, seemed to have put a break in the enthusiasm of the provincial government. This comes as a heavy cost to the cause of women team. The women team are in Bhopal for a camp and the tournament is also in the same city. Everyone knows the best way to prepare the team is to play tournaments rather than dull and boring camps. Hockey India's stubborn refusal to spare the girls for the tournament -- that is taking place in the same city, that too at the cost of some other organization -- on the pretext of players getting injury, looks not only silly but stupid as well. Men teams do have number of tournaments to play, but the women team don't even have nationals(that's my guess, not sure about it). Everyone in the country is doing their best to kill the sport. They are called sport administrators of HI. The woman's team have to play test match versus New Zealand soon after that, it the tournament will be a big boost to their preparations.


  1. why they are behaving like stupids?????I don't understand, what the hell they think??

  2. How hockey will improve when the important administrative seats are occupied by some stupids??

  3. There has to be some explanation behind this.. (Although am pretty sure, that its gonna be the most pathetic one ever)