Apr 23, 2010

Controversies are back

KPS GILL let Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) will hold its AGM on 25th April. KPS Gill, who was suspended by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in April 2008 and the IHF de-recognised, has called the meeting to discuss, among other things, the present state of hockey in the country and India’s performance. This is the second meeting even after it is de-recognized. This meeting will amount to more controversy because as such the federation is no more existent technically. Though it is not on the agenda, the meeting is expected to firm up strategy against Hockey India (HI), which has now lost support of the Sports Ministry. The IHF has gained strength from the Ministry’s affidavit in the Delhi High Court, which said it no longer had faith in HI. And with the deadline of elections approaching on 31st May. He is again eying the top position as he has merged the IHF with HI in June 2009 and agreed to participate in the election.


  1. How he is allowed to do so? Whatever be the case of HI, how can KPS Gill come back?

  2. He joined HI, IHF has merged with Hi

  3. Talk bout Hockey Politics and KPS Gill is the first name i get in my mind...