Mar 26, 2010

What are they doing now?

India has produced many great hockey players since hockey was first played in India. Every decade saw at least 5-6 good players coming up.
But whats the status today?
What is our bench strength?
What are our former hockey players doing today?

KPS Gill had a major role in degrading hockey because of his dictatorship has the head of IHF. This led to removal of many players like Dhanraj Pillay and Gagan Ajit Singh. They were the best players during those times. But where are they now. Dhanraj Pillay is unable to do so because of politics in HI. Everyone expected that ad-hoc committee will do something good for Indian hockey. But they are going towards the way which KPS Gill took. We do not know what used to happen during those meetings which took place in IHF(especially selection). Selection of unfit players. Chaos during the world cup. I hope this does not continue for long or that day wont be long when people start talking about cricket as the national game of India


  1. i agree with ur viewpoint .indian hockey ad-hoc c needs to bring back strong players who once had put strong pressure on opponent teams players like gaganajit, jugraj ,kamal they need to bring back.the selection commitee did same as kps gill i mean why they choose rajpal as captian when coach wants prabhjot there r other player who r more deserving than rajpal like sandeep , deepak thakur,dilip. the ad-hoc did not let coach free to do experiment with team it is major drawback of indian fedration.

  2. ad-hoc committee is not going to do anything for the game. Power is always harmful if you do not know how to tackle it. We need corporates who can turn hockey into business. Business is what we need in hockey. Money comes in, satisfaction increases, with that performance.